A great thief

So I haven’t been on in half a million years, but if you want to role play with me over here. 

Here is a place I will be. 

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Sometimes with the masks on it was just easier. She told herself she was being ridiculous, it wasn’t like she didn’t know Bruce better than she knew anyone. It wasn’t even like Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne had never dated before, but it still just felt… different this time. She hadn’t been expecting it. It had come out of nowhere and now she was standing in her large walk-in closet trying to figure out what to wear. There was no shortage on designer clothes in her closet, and the styles ranged from casual to black tie formal wear. She ignored the formal wear all together; Bruce had said cocktail and showing up in a coral, full length Oscar de la Renta gown would seem out of place.  She stopped in front of her collection of little black dresses, for she certainly didn’t have just one.  Pulling one out she settled on going simple for the evening.

 By the time eight o’clock was approaching Selina was completely ready to go. She had told him not to be late, and she was never a girl to keep a guy waiting. The strapless Yves Saint Laurent black dress  hit just above her knee and was well tailored, as most YSL tends to be. The silk shone in the light of her bathroom mirror, it almost looked like it was as dark as her hair, which she had simply let lie loose around her shoulders in soft waves. She wore bright red lipstick and paired it with almost natural make up on the rest of her face. No accessories save for the gold and pink sapphire Cartier earrings (which she had bought not stolen) she had slipped on at the last minute.  She wore a pair of purple Christian Louboutin suede  pumps, and she had a clutch lying on her hall table, already packed with her lipstick, cellphone, keys and i.d. She put just a splash of Bleu de Chanel behind her ears and she was completely ready to go. She glanced at the clock he would be here any minute unless…

 Selina crossed over to her balcony stepping out into the cold Gotham night and looking up at the sky. It was as dark as the Gotham Sky ever got, which was never very dark, but it was free from the batsignal. Which meant he didn’t have pressing issues elsewhere, which meant he’d be at her door any second. Despite that fact, and despite how cold it was Selina stayed on the balcony a moment longer. Her stomach was twisted into such a knot and no amount of reasoning seemed to get her to relax. You know Selina, you talk an awful lot about how he’s not willing to do this, and he’s not willing to do that. And here you are panicked when he finally does do something!  God she hated that voice of reason that sometimes echoed through her head. It sounded an awful lot like her mother, and it was always right. He had asked her on a date, no strings, he did something, and now that her bluff had been called she was panicking. “Christ Selina, pull it together. It’s just Bruce.” She muttered stepping back inside to her apartment, the warm air rushing pleasantly over her chilled skin.

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Does anyone want a starter?

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